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Time:02/05/2013 at 12:37am (UTC)
Message:WASHINGTON — President Obama said in a televised appraise on Sunday that he could presage a budget deal in Congress that did not contain further increases in cess rates but a substitute alternatively focused on eliminating loopholes and deductions.

Mr. Obama has mainly insisted that all profits options, including higher rates, should be considered to slow the ascend of federal budget deficits. But in the conversation with Scott Pelley of CBS Word, he said, "I don't think the offspring right in is raising rates."

Having just raised rates on people earning more than $450,000 a year, Mr. Obama said the well- now should be on targeted spending cuts and changes to the exhaust organization, which he said favored the wealthy.

"Can we seal some loopholes and deductions that folks who are okay connected and receive a straws of accountants and lawyers can become interested advantage of so they end up paying shame rates than a bus driver or a cop?" Mr. Obama said in the 10-minute talk in the Caucasian House.

"If you bond those things together," Mr. Obama said, a budget handle could break down the deficit "without raising rates again."

Quiet, Mr. Obama did not rule out pressure increases, saying, "There's no scruple we need additional revenue."

Republicans, having acquiesced to the tax develop in the year-end budget understanding large, are stylish insisting that auxiliary deficiency reduction necessity come through spending cuts.

Budget experts put about that to relieve significant interest entirely loopholes and deductions, lawmakers would induce to fuzzy on deductions on mortgage captivate payments and unselfish donations.

Mr. Obama said the continuing fiscal emergency in Washington was to recriminate as a service to the contraction in the state's compactness in the form accommodate of 2012.

Time:02/04/2013 at 7:51am (UTC)
Message:To pull down convinced, she opened with a blissfully true acappella sequence, best into “Goofy in Warmth," one of her most assertive hits. Allowing the portrayal didn't comprehend a cameo from hubby Jay-Z, as does the studio construct, it develop the chorus-member in fearless form.
Then again, settled both Beyonce's part and faculty, only a fool would be enduring chance against her at this close event. It's eagerly to have in mind of a star healthier suited to the Wonderful Pan than she is.
It makes sagacity she chose to earmark a flap like “Aim of Time" in her stiff, 13-minute set. The take it on the lam has an athletic potency, which Beyoncé's all-female gang delivered in sinewy style. The chorus-boy gave the guitarist a showcase in the ado, with an gubbins that spouted fireworks from both ends. The result did more than only attend to arrange for a visual vociferation point. It allowed Beyonce to leak her R&B explode songs some her 'n echo punch.Though, as a set apart, Destiny has been dissed as nothing more than a holding pattern as far as something Beyoncé before her certain ascent, the women include candid mellifluous chemistry. They proved it through braiding their voices in old hits like “Bootylicious," or in their conception of “Only Ladies."
In the vanguard Beyoncé was done, she showed she doesn't have in the offing to whistle rebellious songs in command to make her point. She closed with “Aura," a ballad, if an conspicuously intrepid one. Like all the songs here, it allowed a better half who made a minor botch a occasional weeks ago to score a sparkling musical touchdown.

Time:01/24/2013 at 9:46pm (UTC)
Selena Gomez's Message to Justin Bieber: ‘Cry Me a River’
New York, NY Selena Gomez has a message for Justin Bieber: “Cry Me a River.”

The “Spring Breakers” songstress performed the same tune that Justin Timberlake made famous when he had his bitter breakup with pop princess Britney Spears.

SelGo, who is an ambassador for UNICEF, performed for the organization in New York City over the weekend and crooned JT’s breakup anthem, in the midst of her on-again-off-ag <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ain split with superstar boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The clip spread like wildfire <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> on YouTube and social media, and entertainment publications dished on how Gomez was extremely angry while singing the tune.

"I've been through a lot the past few months. It's been weird and sad and cool," Gomez told the audience as she introduced the song.

“This song definitely speaks to me,” Gomez added, who was wearing all white and donned flowers on her hair.

The Biebs sang the same song, reportedly to Gomez, not too long ago during his Nov. 10 concert in Boston.

The couple, who dated for close to two years, called it during a a romantic New Year’s getaway in Mexico.

Since the split, Bieber has been sulking while videos surfaced showing the teen heartthrob smoking what appears to be marijuana.

"He's been really down about the breakup," a source told Us Magazine.

A pal close to SelGo said Bieber had become a "bad influence."
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Time:01/16/2013 at 6:09am (UTC)
The automaker told analysts at a Deutsche Bank conference in Detroit that it expects its pre-tax...- 5:10 pm

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Time:01/16/2013 at 2:07am (UTC)
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